Morgan C. Block

Science & Outreach Coordinator

Morgan C. Block is a climate science communicator with a Master of Advanced Studies degree in Climate Science and Policy from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego. Morgan focused her master’s capstone on climate change communication and produced the Climate Curiosities Podcast, which debuted in May 2020. The podcast connects her listeners with climate scientists and climate policy experts to answer some of the most common curiosities about climate change in plain language. The success of Morgan’s podcast and a serendipitous encounter led her to meet Susan Joy Hassol. She is now working alongside Hassol as the Science & Outreach Coordinator for Climate Communication.

Morgan received her B.A. from Trinity University with a double in Geosciences and English in 2019, and her MAS from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 2020. 

Morgan’s interest in climate change began with her passion for scuba diving. She earned her PADI Open Water scuba diver certification in 2012 and has been advocating for the climate ever since.

Morgan Block scuba diving with her father in Roatán.

In 2017, Morgan spent the summer studying abroad in southern China with a small group of Trinity University Geoscience students. She traveled to the Guizhou and Yunnan provinces to study ancient climates, seas, tropical reefs, and Chinese culture alongside a group of Guizhou University geology students. Morgan was selected as one of three American students to discuss field geology on a kids educational program during a Kunming TV news interview.

Morgan Block and fellow geoscientists in China.

Morgan is a strong advocate for women in science and intersectional environmentalism. She is also devoted to utilizing social media to spread public awareness about climate change science and solutions. Instagram: @happiness.not.wastefulness Twitter: @moreblock19

Outside of Climate Communication: Morgan enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, and dancing.