Warren Washington

Warren Washington is an internationally recognized expert in atmospheric sciences and climate research. One of the first developers of groundbreaking atmospheric computer models in the early 1960s, he specializes in computer modeling of the Earth’s climate. He is a Senior Scientist and Chief Scientist of the DOE/UCAR Cooperative Agreement at NCAR in the Climate Change Research Section in the center’s Climate and Global Dynamics Division.

Warren has published nearly 200 papers in professional journals, garnered dozens of national and international awards, and served as a science advisor to former presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton. He was appointed to the National Science Board in 1994, reappointed in 2000, and served as its chair from 2002-2006. In 2010, Dr. Washington was awarded the National Medal of Science by President Barack Obama.

Outside of Science: Warren spent many hours as a boy looking through his father’s telescope. He has 16 grandchildren and one great-grandchild for whom he is an inspiring role-model.