Simon Donner

Simon Donner is a professor in the Department of Geography at the University of British Columbia. He leads a broad program of teaching and research that investigates how climate variability and climate change influence society and ecosystems like coral reefs. His research group examines a wide range of problems including climate change and coral bleaching, climate impacts on nutrient pollution in rivers, climate change adaptation in the Pacific Islands, and obstacles to public education about climate change. He is also actively involved in public outreach, regularly writing about climate change via the blog Maribo, speaking in public forums, and training students to be better communicators.

Simon is currently an associate in UBC’s Liu Institute for Global Issues, Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability as well as the Biodiversity Research Centre. He is also an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow and a Google Science Communication Fellow.

Outside of Science: Simon is a water sports enthusiast who can often be found walking his kayak down the busy Vancouver streets to the shore.