Paty Romero-Lankao

Dr. Patricia “Paty” Romero-Lankao joined NREL’s Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences in 2018 as a senior research scientist in joint appointment with the University of Chicago’s Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation, where she is a research fellow Previously, she was senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Paty examines the interactions among people and cities, with a particular emphasis on the sustainability of energy systems, mobility, and the built environment, as well as their resilience to disruptive events. Throughout her career, she has developed a considerable body of highly regarded interdisciplinary research, resulting in several research grants, and 130 peer-reviewed publications. This work primarily focuses on crucial intersections between urbanization and risk, with emphasis on:

1. The dynamics of urbanization and urban systems that shape inequality in risk at multiple scales;
2. The links between risks and food, energy and water (FEW) systems in cities; and
3. Governance and institutional capacities to adapt to and mitigate environmental risks in cities.

Paty has extensive experience as a sociologist working across disciplines, and at the science-policy interface, in the US, Mexico, and many other urban locations internationally.  Her leadership of international research has garnered a good deal of recognition. She was co-leading author to Working Group II of the Nobel prize-winning IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) and is currently lead author for Working Group III. She is editor of Earth’s Future and editorial board member of several journals. In addition to her international work (e.g., with Future Earth), she is a steering committee member of such national organizations as the US Carbon Program, and of local organizations such as the Colorado Local Science Engagement Network (LSEN).

Outside of Science:
Although she was born in Mexico, Paty considers herself to be a citizen of the world. She cares deeply about her family and friends, but she is also passionately engaged in finding options to move humankind toward a more sustainable and fair future. Paty is an amateur pianist and a lover of outdoor activities.