Julia Cole

Julia Cole is a professor of Geosciences and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Arizona. Her research group explores past environmental change by developing paleoclimatic data from corals, caves, and other sources. They also investigate ways to combine analyses of paleodata with climate models to refine interpretations of both. Current projects focus on areas and systems with substantial ecological or human impacts, including El Niño and Indo-Pacific variability, drought in western North America, monsoons, and coral reef environments.

Julia has coauthored over 60 publications and teaches regularly in global change, ocean sciences, and paleoclimatology. Her other activities include field work in remote locations; community outreach through public presentations, K-12 education, and media; and renewing her inspiration by getting outside with friends and family.

Julia received an undergraduate degree from Brown University and Master’s and Doctoral degrees from Columbia University. She held postdoctoral and faculty positions at the University of Colorado. She has been selected as a Leopold Leadership Fellow (2008) and a Google Science Communication Fellow (2011).

Outside of Science: Julia loves to dive, likes to cave, but is flat-out scared to combine them. She is also working to improve her skills of tele-skiing in the bumps and speaking Spanish like a local.