Barrett Rock

Barry Rock is a professor of Natural Resources holding a joint appointment in the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space and the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). He teaches courses on forestry, ecology, and remote sensing methods.

His research focuses on using data from Earth-orbiting satellites, in combination with detailed field and laboratory investigations, to study the impact of air pollutants and climate change on forest species across the Northern Hemisphere, including central Europe, Canada, and New England. His current research centers on assessing the impact of chemical and physical climate change on white pine and sugar maple, two iconic trees in New England.

He has developed K-12 and undergraduate science and mathematics outreach programs while at UNH, among them Forest Watch, Project SMART, GLOBE, and Watershed Watch. In 2001, he was lead author and editor of Preparing for a Changing Climate: New England Regional Assessment, part of the U.S. Global Change Research Program’s National Assessment.

Outside of Science: For the past three or four years Barry has given lectures onboard cruise ships in exchange for a free cruise for his wife and him. As either a Destination Speaker or a Special Interest Speaker, Barry has cruised multiple times to Alaska, the Caribbean, and Mexico.