Publicize Climate Change

We publicize and illuminate the latest climate research in plain language, making the science more accessible to the public and policy makers.

The three tabs on our website – Our Climate is ChangingHow it Will Affect Us, and What We Can Do – lay out the science and impacts of climate change, as well as options for solutions. Within these tabs you will find our ten climate change animations, which walk you through key graphics with narration from Director Susan Hassol and Science Director Richard Somerville.

Explore our Common Climate Questions section for answers to frequently asked questions about climate change; each entry with a video icon includes a video response from our Science Advisors.  Our Resources tab includes other places you can find the best information related to climate change, sorted by Videos, Articles, Reports, Websites, and Education.

We have also produced features on climate research, such as this one on extreme weather and its connections to climate change. We’ve also released a report on heat waves and climate change.

For the latest headlines related to climate change research and communication, you can follow our Twitter account, @ClimateComms.