Video: Susan Hassol at U of AZ “Telling the Climate Change Story”

Director Susan Hassol’s talk on “Telling the Climate Change Story” at the University of Arizona is available to watch here.

From the University of Arizona website:

Even as the science of climate change has grown stronger and more compelling, public acceptance has grown weaker and more partisan. As the plenary speaker for the UA’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences’ EarthWeek 2012, [Susan] Hassol discussed the range of causes for this dilemma and focus on how we can improve scientists’ communication of climate change. The talk … also address[ed] both what we say and how we say it, dealing with framing, messaging, psychological and cultural issues; the value of narrative; and questions involving language. In addition, Hassol … include[d] up-to-date information on what the American public thinks about climate change and how that should be considered in scientists’ communication efforts. Her presentation was given on Thursday, March 29, 2012.”