US National Climate Assessment Released

The third U.S. National Climate Assessment was released May 6, 2014 at the White House, and the full report can be explored on an interactive website.

Climate Communication Director Susan Hassol is the Senior Science Writer of the report, as she has been for the previous two reports. In an interview with The Guardian, Susan said, “I think maybe this report will be the turning point when people finally realise that this is about them. It’s about them and their lives … Earlier, they had seen it as a distant threat – distant in time, distance in space, this is about poles, this is about island nations. They haven’t seen it as a threat in their own backyard.”

The NCA represents the most comprehensive analysis of US climate change to date, outlining how climate change affects our nation and is projected to affect it in the future.

Key messages from the report:

Climate change is not just a problem for the future – it has moved firmly into the present.

Many Americans are already feeling the effects of increases in certain types of extreme weather and sea level rise that are fueled by climate change.

This Assessment is the most comprehensive analysis to date of how climate change is affecting our nation now and could affect it in the future.

America has important opportunities to reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases and prepare for the effects of climate change.