Richard Somerville’s “Concerns of a Climate Scientist”

In response to President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, Science Director Richard Somerville wrote this article for Climate Sense, a publication for multi-disciplinary articles related to the Earth’s climate:

“President Obama’s speech on June 25, 2013 proposed a broad array of new Federal initiatives to reduce the threat of severe climate change. This is encouraging news indeed, because until now, there has been little evidence in Washington of political leadership on this important issue. President Obama’s announced commitment to act has now given the world reasons for being more hopeful. In the months and years ahead, we shall see whether effective policies can be implemented that produce meaningful results.

What concerns me most about climate change now is the stark contrast between the apathy of the public and the troubling facts that we climate scientists have established and that President Obama clearly recognizes. Most people are not well informed about what our science has discovered.” Read more at