NASA post features Susan on climate hope

On NASA’s Vital Links blog, Laura Faye Tenenbaum writes about a conversation she had with Director Susan Hassol on how to move past fear and despair over climate change and instead face it with courage, optimism, and integrity. Tenenbaum discusses her own emotional response to the climate crisis, and then describes her conversation with Susan, in which Susan acknowledges that conveying the threat and urgency of climate change is important – but it is equally important to communicate hope. The post includes a list of just some of the reasons Susan pulls out for being hopeful about tackling the climate change problem, including:

  • Scotland generated nearly 60 percent of its electricity with renewables in 2015 and is aiming for 100 percent.
  • Nine massive U.S. companies pledged to go 100 percent renewable, including Nike, Walmart, Goldman-Sachs, Johnson and Johnson, Proctor and Gamble, and Starbucks. This is a good financial investment, given that the most ambitious companies have seen a 27 percent return on their investments. They’re not doing it because they love polar bears; they’re doing it because it’s good for their bottom line.
  • Goldman-Sachs in particular says it’s going for 100 percent renewables by 2020.

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