Kevin Trenberth Wins AGU Climate Communication Prize

This summer, Science Advisor Kevin Trenberth was honored with the prestigious Climate Communication prize by the American Geophysical Union (AGU). The prize was bestowed for his dedication and skill at communicating climate change to broad audiences. AGU writes that this prize, founded in 2011, was designed to highlight “the importance of promoting scientific literacy, clarity of message, and efforts to foster respect and understanding of science-based values as they relate to the implications of climate change.” Kevin will be honored this December at the annual Fall Meeting of AGU in San Francisco.

From UCAR, AtmosNews:

“Trenberth is the third recipient of the AGU Climate Communication Prize, established in 2011. It honors AGU member scientists for their work in communicating climate science to broad audiences.

The prize recognizes Trenberth’s longstanding work in explaining climate to the media and public, and his dedication to education and outreach. Trenberth, a senior scientist in NCAR’s Earth System Laboratory since 1986 and an internationally recognized climate expert, has given numerous talks for public audiences about climate change and its potential consequences. He is frequently quoted in television and radio broadcasts and newspaper articles. In addition, Trenberth has testified before Congress about climate change and discussed the issue with leading policy makers.

A participant in many national and international research committees, Trenberth was a lead author in the last three major assessments from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). His recent work has emphasized changes in the global cycles of energy and water, including the role of oceans in storing heat trapped by human-produced greenhouse gases.”