Jennifer Francis & Kevin Trenberth Featured on Inquiring Minds Podcast

Science Advisors Jennifer Francis and Kevin Trenberth were featured on February 27th’s Inquiring Minds podcast – a weekly science podcast from The Climate Desk hosted by science writer Chris Mooney and scientist Indre Viskontas. This episode addressed Dr. Francis’ hypothesis that climate change might causing a “drunken Arctic” and slowed down jet stream; a phenomenon which might result in the kind of extreme winter weather we’ve been having this year. Dr. Trenberth, along with several colleagues, recently penned a letter raising some questions about the hypothesis: namely raising the point that such jet stream behavior has been seen before and can exist in even a non-warming climate, due to natural variability.

As Chris Mooney writes in his post about the discussion between Drs Francis and Trenberth, “The biggest debate in climate science may be over whether global warming will create more winters like this one. If you care about weather, you’d better care about the outcome.” You can read more of Mooney’s comments, and listen to the podcast, here.