Common Climate Questions

A: Yes, it is an unequivocal fact that the Earth’s average temperature continues to rise, despite some natural year-to-year fluctuations. The hottest 10 years on record have all taken place in the …Learn More »

A: Weather and climate are not the same. Weather is individual, day-to-day atmospheric events; …Learn More »

A: Climate changes observed over recent decades are inconsistent with trends caused by natural forces but are totally consistent with the increase in human- …Learn More »

A: Scientists with relevant expertise agree that the world is unequivocally warming. They also agree that human activity is the primary cause of warming …Learn More »

A: Scientists have been measuring the amount of the Sun’s energy reaching the top of Earth’s atmosphere using sensors on satellites since 1978. …Learn More »

A: Scientists have accounted for these local effects and have verified that they do not skew the global temperature record. For example, one test scientists …Learn More »

A: Even though past warm episodes may have been initiated by orbital changes that caused warming and thus caused CO2 …Learn More »

A: While some media outlets carried this story back in the 1970s, most climate scientists at the time were not concerned about global cooling. …Learn More »

A: Since that paper was published, a number of additional studies have analyzed proxies of past temperature. They all confirm the original “hockey stick” conclusion: the 20th Century is the warmest in the …Learn More »

A: No. Early analyses of satellite data by one group in Alabama did suggest that there was little or no warming in the layer of atmosphere just above the …Learn More »

A: Two small errors have been found in one of the IPCC 2007 reports. Neither has anything to do with the basic conclusions that the globe is unequivocally warming …Learn More »

A: No. The burning of fossil fuels results in several hundred times as much CO2 release as volcanoes each year. Fossil fuel burning results in the emission of …Learn More »

A: Climate models are tested against what we know happened in the past and they do accurately map past climate changes. Climate models have also been proven to make accurate predictions …Learn More »